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WARRIOR OF HONOR - Georgian and Russian tension affects three generations of a Georgian family as their patriarch, Sandro, attempts to keep them all together amidst turmoil and war.


DIDGORI (feature) - In a time of alleged relative peace and tranquility between the tumultuous First and Second Crusades, King David IV of Georgia led 56,000 Georgian warriors, elite Sacrificial Knights and members of the Knights Templar against all odds in combat against 500,000 Seljuk Turks and the Arabian Coalition. The outcome of this epic battle in 1121 A.D. in the Kingdom of Georgia, on the Didgori battlefield, would determine the fate of Jerusalem and all of Christianity. Based on true historical events.


THE GOOD MORNING - In 1945, during the waning days of World War II, a young Croatian family is ripped apart amidst the confusing, erratic political climate resulting from fascist Axis occupation of Croatia at the hands of Ustashe leader and Nazi supporter Ante Pavelic, and ravaged further by the invasion of Josip Tito’s equally malevolent communist Partisans. Forced into brutal camps of displaced refugees, the family strives to overcome adversity and war torn terrain, hoping to one day reunite. Based on a true story.


THE BROTHERS' QUARREL - Based on the Ancient Greek tragedy of King Oedipus's sons Eteocles and Polynices and their battle for the throne.


EARTH & SORROW - Western - In the early 1800s, A young Native American couple are sent from their village to seek assistance to help cure the disease that is ravaging their tribe.


ANTONY & CLEOPATRA - Shakespeare's epic tale of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.


UNITED WE STAND - Based on a story from the American Revolutionary War.


WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS - The story of a young man's perserverance to lead the 8 man boat rowing event to Olympic gold in 1924.